Cheap Financing: How To Use The Low-interest Rate Installment Loan

The ongoing period of low interest rates has not only made construction money cheaper, but also installment loans. This refers to loans that are available without collateral. No property needs to be collateralised by mortgages, instead the banks are satisfied with a sustainable income.

The installment loan has long since developed into a real alternative to the credit line. Reason are the interest already mentioned. The interest rate differential has increased significantly. While the interest on disbursements has barely changed despite lower market interest rates, installment loans have become noticeably cheaper. In addition, there are more and more banks offering installment loans. This has resulted in more funding options and more flexible lending.

If you want to take out a low-interest installment loan, you are spoiled for choice. We are happy to help you find the right loan. With our loan calculators, we provide assistance in finding the best conditions. Here is an overview of popular loans.

Modernization Credit

Modernization Credit

Traditional real estate loans are low-interest, but are extensively secured by land charges. In addition, most banks will only grant their modernization loans from amounts of about 50,000 euros. But not every owner wants to borrow so much. In such cases our Modernisierungskredit offers itself on the basis of an installment loan.

At present, the interest rates offered in this environment can be more than impressive. Smaller modernization projects can be financed quickly and easily. Just a few days after the loan application has been made, the loan amount can be credited to the borrower’s account. Here you will find our comparison for modernization loans.

Blank Loans


The blank loan is a loan for free use. It can be used not only around the property, but also for other purposes. There is no prescribed use, which ensures maximum flexibility.

Here, too, attract excellent conditions. Before someone covers his discounts and pays high interest rates, the blank loan offers itself. Different durations are available, which means that the amount of monthly payments can best be adjusted to personal needs. Here you can compare our blanket loans.

Car Loan

car loans

One of the most common reasons for borrowing is buying a car. Whether new or used cars, it is often necessary to reach deep into the bag. Car financing is widespread in Germany, but by no means all car buyers choose the right loan.

Still too high lending rates are accepted, because people do without a comparison of the conditions. In this context, it should be noted that low-interest car loans are not only available from car banks. Especially if there is interest in financing a used car, the direct debts of the direct banks can be more than just an alternative.

Incidentally, there is to distinguish between two variants. Some car loans are linked to a deposit of the vehicle documents. However, this is not mandatory. Several direct banks offer low-interest car loans, which do not require the deposit of vehicle documents. Are you interested in a vehicle financing on attractive terms? Then make our car loan comparison now.