Cash loan For Any Purpose

Nobody knows your budget better than you. That is why VTO Bank has created a cash loan for any purpose whose parameters you decide. Because a good cash loan is one that takes into account your individual needs and adapts to your abilities. Do you need something “for now”? Get a cash loan from VTO Bank and fulfill your needs and dreams now. Do not put them off later.

VTO Bank offers its products and services to individual clients, small and medium enterprises and corporate clients.

Cash loan for the dream target

Cash loan for the dream target

The rich offer of VTO Bank includes, among others: cash loans, consolidation loans, mortgages and loans for companies, personal and company accounts, savings and deposit accounts, credit cards, brokerage services and treasury products as well as asset management through a subsidiary company VTO TFI. Customers can use the network of over 300 own branches, as well as partner outlets, as well as modern online and telephone banking. The philosophy of VTO Bank is based on thinking about the Bank’s clients and its partners in the context of a close relationship based on dialogue and mutual understanding. They listen carefully to clients because they see valuable Advisors.

VTO Bank is:

VTO Bank is:

  • The first choice bank for all VTO customer groups
  • An active and innovative institution in the field of treasury operations as well as brokerage and asset management
  • A bank with modern and efficient facilities, a distribution network and an efficient process and financial risk management system

One of the more well-known products of VTO Bank is a cash loan

VTO Bank in its offer has a wide range of loans, which have been appreciated by a large group of clients. With full responsibility, we recommend: cash loans, loans for companies, refinancing loans and consolidation loans, which can be used to pay liabilities such as: personal account debit, credit card debt, cash loan, car loan, consumer loan and housing loan.

Cash loan with a quick initial credit decision

  • From PLN 1,000 to PLN 200,000 for any purpose
  • Application without leaving home
  • Initial online decision
  • Cash loan for new clients with a lower interest rate

Why is it worth choosing a VTO Bank cash loan?

Why is it worth choosing a VTO Bank cash loan?

At VTO Bank, everything depends on you because in VTO Bank’s cash loan you offer a repayment date and installment amount. If you have any doubts, the Advisor will be happy to provide you with any information and help you make the decision.

A quick guide to the benefits of VTO cash loans

  1. Flexible repayment tailored to your needs and capabilities – from 6 to 120 months
  2. It’s time to reflect – as many as 21 days to withdraw from the contract, at no cost
  3. Clearly and without “rags” – apart from the contract, the most important information about the loan on one page
  4. Peace of mind and security – you can insure yourself against events that may prevent you from repaying your mortgage in the future, eg from losing your job

The cash loan of VTO Bank is not only an individual approach to the client, but also many other benefits.

How to get a cash loan at VTO?

All you need is 3 steps to get a cash loan from VTO Bank

  • Fill out and send the contact form:
  • VTO Bank employee will contact you by phone, and after making a positive credit decision, determine the place and time of providing the credit documentation.
  • After delivering the parcel by courier (who will check your identity on the basis of an ID card), complete, sign and send the documents along with the required attachments specified in the Cover Letter.
  • Within 48 hours of receiving the complete documentation for the Bank, after their positive verification, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

Debit limit for VTO Bank SA companies in a company account

The debit limit for the companies of VTO Bank is granted to the current account for a period of 12 months. The service does not require a repayment order: each payment increases and the payment reduces the debt. The entity (micro and small companies) who applies for a loan should operate for a minimum of one year, should not have unpaid obligations (ZUS, Tax Office, etc.) and should not be listed as unreliable borrower (BIK and other databases) and should have creditworthiness and successfully pass the Bank’s scoring. To use the promotional interest rate, submit a loan application for a Business Symetria Direct account – PLN 0 for account maintenance, PLN 0 for transfers to ZUS and Tax Office, PLN 0.4 for an online domestic transfer in PLN.

A cash loan for any purpose at VTO Bank

A cash loan for any purpose at VTO Bank

A cash loan at VTO Bank is a simple answer to your need to obtain additional funds – from 1,000 to even PLN 200,000. By choosing a cash loan for any purpose of VTO Bank with a repayment period of 6 to 120 months, you will be able to withdraw from the contract within 21 days without incurring any costs. VTO, the initial credit decision, already issues during the first conversation.